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Myra - Depths & Heights
Join us in an exciting visual adventure of original and limited edition art. The works are selected from a worldwide pool of talented Jewish artists who look to evoke your emotions and touch your soul. Diversified in themes, we trust there is something for everyone, jewish or not. When you are in our neighborhood, we look forward to greeting you at the gallery.

Michelle & Elisa

Shopping Services and
Custom Works

Art Is�eclectic, many one-of-a-kind and limited edition items, we travel
widely, meeting with artists in their studios and viewing their galleries.
Our travels allow us to offer a shopping service for anyone seeking
something that we currently do not show. Working closely with our artists,
you can commission custom works. View what our customers envisioned and
now reside in their homes. Read the press about us, and you�ll know why we
say Judaica Art Is�not your everyday site.


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